Top 5 beauty trends of 2020

New year calls for a reboot and what better than a beauty makeover, right?

I'm beginning this brand new year looking at these promising trends, which are sure to take the beauty industry by storm.

1. No-makeup makeup looks:

2019 saw no-makeup makeup look rising to popularity as social media platforms facilitated visibility to the same, thereby celebrating a more natural, modern outlook towards makeup and beauty.

The no-makeup makeup looks are sure to stay in 2020, donning a very glamorous outlook. Think metallic accents, and pops of neon replacing the perfect, full coverage foundation on your face.

2. Sustainable Beauty:

Another major trend that the industry is sure to embrace this year is a shift towards more sustainable beauty products. Environment friendly products are sure to be a big hit!

3. Imperfect is in:

The necessity of perfection is dying out, and social media has played a huge role in that. We’re anticipating a more fluid approach to beauty as we progress towards a brand new year.

Here are a few beauty trends we are particularly excited about:

1. Pops of neon

2. Boys wearing nail-colors

3. Floating Eye-liners

4. Statement Brows

5. Metallic Lip stains.

6. Snakeskin Nails

Do let me know which beauty trends you all are particularly excited about in the comments below!

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