Top 10 genres to blog about!

Hey you guys,

I hope you'll are indoors, safe and making the most of your time. A lot of people regularly ask me so many questions about blogging on my Instagram, or in person. Some of them go like..."how to start blogging?", "What to blog?","How to blog", etc.

To be honest, answering these questions could be me writing a whole new book on it, because there's so much to it. But, I'm going to try and keep it really brief and try and answer as many questions as I can while I do so.

Blogging for me essentially is about sharing my experiences and things that interest me to add a value to my audiences' lives. Be it covering fashion, beauty, travel or lifestyle, it's my sincere effort to blog about things that interest me, and I think you'd be interested in.

Before you decide you want to be a blogger, I'd suggest you figure out what areas interest you, so you can narrow down your niche and concentrate on that. You can consider this blog post as your DIY for writing blogs!

Here is a list of top 10 categories that you can reflect on, to decide on the genre of your blog/ website.

1. Health and fitness – You can write about your fitness regimen, diet plans, yoga postures, breathing techniques, etc. for the fitness freaks of the new decade!

2. Food – Food is a universal favourite topic that has the power to unite people across the world. You can do DIYs for classic favourite recipes, new fusion recipes or rate restaurants from around the world.

3. Personality Development – You can write about how to improve public speaking skills, personal communication skills or presentation skills. Be sure to constantly strive on adding value to your own life and the lives of your audience.

4. Create guides to learn new skills – Encourage people to take up new hobbies or teach them skills that they can apply at work.

5. Current news/trends – Use your blog to enlighten people about current happenings in the world or to voice your opinion about things that matter.

6. Books – Unite bookworms and create an online book club with your blog. Talk about your favourite books, new book launches and ask your readers to talk about books that inspired them or to recommend new books.

7. Productivity and Inspirational – Write about techniques to increase productivity in life, like time management. Talk about who is the one person , or one thing that inspires you and ask your readers to share theirs! That's not all, you can also share self help guides, and content that is sure to inspire people to do what they really wish to!

9. Fashion – Write about current trends, classic trends, your DIY styling tips, or simply share your views on fashion. The world is your playground.

10. Travel – Create your own travelogues or give recommendations to your readers about places that have the best bars and restaurants or are great for street shopping, or roaming around!

11. Parenting – Write about the best child-friendly places to travel to, child-friendly restaurants, do’s and don’ts for travelling with kids for the first-time or the best baby clothing brands, etc. You can also document your child's journey to connect with other parents and build a community!

While these are just a bunch of categories that I could think of, you can go ahead and pic your unique ones. Make sure to choose a category that truly interests you, something that you really want to share with the world and most of all, don't forget to have fun while you create content or blog about it.

See you in the next one!

Preshita N.

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