Staycation at a vineyard ft. Fratelli Wines

In the lap of nature,

When the wind gushes through my hair...

Let it go... I let it go...

I've never really visited a vineyard before, let alone visiting one in Maharashtra! So when Influencera proposed this exciting collaboration, I was excited like a little kid in a gigantic candy store!2 days at Fratelli Vineyards with Influencera were spent relishing Fratelli's premium wines, cycling around their beautiful property, watching the sun set from a hilltop and absorbing every moment of goodness nature had to offer! DIRECTIONS:

Situated at about 320 kms from Mumbai, in the interior region of Maharashtra, Fratelli Vineyards is located in Akluj, district Satara. The journey from Mumbai to Akluj is around 6 hour long and from Pune it takes about 3 hours to reach the property.

We left Mumbai around 8:00 PM and reached Fratelli vineyards just in time for lunch. As we reached the property, we were put up in their guesthouse located right across the winery.All ready for our lunch, which was a hearty Indian meal accompanied by Noi by Fratelli, their signature sparkling wine, we got ready for indulge in fun activities for the next two days!


Fratelli Vineyards has their personal guesthouse with 4 clean, spacious and comfortable rooms. The guesthouse is situated right across the winery Clean spacious accommodation, experiential activities and a range of wine tastings had us occupied in the coming days!

We began with a visit to Motewadi Vineyards, located right next to the Fratelli property, just in time to catch the sunset!

Heading back, we geared up for an expert wine tasting session where Mr. Vrushal Kedari gave us some insights into wine tasting as we tasted Fratelli's best offerings - Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. by trying to associate the smell with nature and fruits, swirling the glass, observing the legs of the wine slide to determine the alcohol level, sniffing it again and finally sipping it and swirling it in mouth before finally tasting it!

Before calling it a night, we relished some Italian delicacies spread for dinner over some fun music and dance, sparking interesting conversations as we geared up for an eventful day 2!

DAY 2:

Next day, we explored another vineyard in Garewad spread across 140 acres, dripping in pure beauty of nature, as we relished some sparkling wine atop the hills in the Machan. Our serene visit to the vineyard was followed with a delicious meal at the guest house, before heading for a tour of their winery.


Fratelli has 66 tanks with 4 volumes and grapes and juices are stored in these tanks to turn them into wine!

The wine goes through a rigorous process of stabilization, processing, blending, filtering and aging before it is bottled, capped and labelled! We explored the winery carefully observing every step feeling amazed.Truly, wine making is an art quite like relishing wine, which is an acquired taste!And then, we all began to carefully gather the tiniest of moments and experiences, as we headed back into the city.

The highlight of this staycation was indeed the experiences that came with it!

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