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It’s morning. I don’t have to go to office so I’m going to laze around a little longer contemplating about life, decisions and more and have those deep conversations with myself that I've been missing since so long!

With so many things to do in my life, one thing is for sure- I need a break to disconnect from everything going around me. Life can be so occupying. It’s these moments of contemplation that make us realise how we really deserve some quality time with self.

Things we face everyday occupy so much of us and all our energy is diverted towards moments that honestly don’t have any impact on our lives. That ” Did you see that girl. Oh God! Her dress is so tacky!” gossip from a friend honestly didn’t do anything better to my life. I must be so stupid to realise this now after wasting my time over petty issues in the past!

Honestly, these day to day moments consume a lot of our energy. People with judgemental thoughts around you can have such a huge and mostly negative impact on your life. Especially when you are at a place where everyone around you has something to say and has an opinion about anything and everything regardless of what they know about it, mostly about things about someone else’s personal lives that wouldn’t even matter to you or them 5 years down the line, or even 6 months from now on, for that matter.

I just realised I’m actually turning this into a rant with myself in my mind and my mother is looking at me as if I’m still half asleep and probably still dreaming with my eyes half woken. Haha! I think I need a cup of coffee. I don’t know if it’s just me because I tend to think a lot. A LOT! Around a year back if you'd ask me, someone’s opinions would affect me so much, but I've grown into this person who now knows to prioritize what matters, which can do wonders for your inner peace!

It's totally a journey to come to this realisation that we can’t really control someone’s actions and behaviour and there's not really much you can do to change people. Everyone has their own aura that they choose to spread round. While it's their choice to spread whatever they wish to, it's your choice to be what you want to be. All that is in our power is to not lose our magic and to not be lost in a world that’s so judgemental about your actions.

On this note, I sneak out of my bed to trouble my brother eating his breakfast with utmost concentration on the piping hot idli and the cup of coffee with cookies as if it were the love of his life, or wait.. I think I should just trouble my doggo instead!

Note to self: Wake up ! Coffee smells amazing. You gotta be back and conquer the world!

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