How to be productive amidst the lockdown situation

Free time is a terrible thing to waste.

-E.A. Bucchianeri.

With extended lockdown in full swing, amidst the global pandemic, staying indoors has become extremely essential and so is utilizing the free time that comes with it productively!

Here are some suggestions to utilize your time in the best possible and productive manner, avoiding boredom!

1. Volunteer – Make your valuable time useful for others. Pick any cause that you feel strongly about. Volunteering is the most satisfying way of spending your time. Having said that, I urge you to do your bit while staying indoors! That's the best way we can help each other for now.

2. Clean up – Cleaning your house has more benefits than just having a tidy house. The activity of moving around, cleaning the house helps you keep your weight in check and stay fit.

3. Exercise – Another way of spending your time productively is to take some time out to exercise. Doctors recommend exercising for 30 minutes every day to keep your weight and metabolism in check, thereby maintaining your physical and heart health.

4. Read – You can read to improve your imagination, vocabulary, knowledge for studies or skills at work, to learn a new hobby or to just to be a part of a social circle! And you don’t even have to spend time or money looking for libraries and buying books with the internet and technology making them available at your fingertips!

5. Write – Writing novels or books improves your writing skill and imagination, and writing diaries or blogs helps you look back on your current day or plan the next day. In a nutshell, writing helps you organise your thoughts and life!

6. Meditate – Meditation involves focusing on breathing which brings calm to your mind, in turn increasing your focus on various activities, thereby improving your productivity. You can meditate anywhere from five minutes to 30 minutes.

7. Sew – Sewing various beautiful and colourful patterns and designs not only makes you happy, but also increases your focus as it is fine work. There are multiple types of stitching techniques you can learn, like cross-stitch, back stitch and zigzag stitch which require a lot of patience and attention. The basic act of threading a needle is also one that requires focus.

8. Paint/Draw – Painting and drawing is another act where you can play with different colours. There are a lot of stress-free colouring books available with intricate designs that require you to paint every part of a design with a different colour, which has been proven to be a great technique to reduce stress, which in turn increases your productivity.

9. Cook – There is no greater happiness than creating a product from scratch that you can enjoy either for yourself or with your loved ones. Cooking is a way to not only a man but everyone’s heart and a great way to bond with people!

10. Sing – This is a great way to not only bring out the nightingale in you and entertain others but also improve breathing, thereby making you healthier and more active.

11. Solve a puzzle – What better than a good mind game to keep you occupied? Solving puzzles not only makes your brain sharper but also increases your focus and thinking capacity.

12. Watch a movie – This is a no-brainer. Watching movies is a universal favourite pastime that can transport you to a different world for a few hours or even educate you.

13. Do gardening – Gardening is another great physical activity, which also creates a bond between you and the nature and increases life span!

14. Learn a new language – One of the great perks of being a social animal is getting to learn new languages, which opens us up to various cultures and creates a great bond with people around the world, along with increasing our IQ! Did you know that those who can speak nine languages have the highest IQ?

Tell me your preferred way of spending your time while you are indoors! Have you tried your hands on either of the things I've listed above? Let me know, and don't forget to be responsible and utilize your time effectively.

Stay safe,

stay indoors,

take care!

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