Caring for your leather handbags

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Another new week is upon us with a new set of targets, which calls for early morning meetings as well as late night parties. This is not only hectic for you, but also your handbag that has to endure all the baggage that comes along with it.

Just the way your skin needs care to rejuvenate after hectic schedules, your handbag needs some TLC after a busy week, especially if it is made of leather.

Here are some of our tips on how to care for your leather handbag:

· Leather bags are prone to attracting dirt. Clean dirt off your leather bag immediately with a wet cloth, else its quality will get affected, causing it to weaken from inside

· Just like your gorgeous hair, your leather bag needs a conditioner, too, to retain its original quality and give it a nice smooth and soft finish. For best results, clean the bag with a cotton cloth first and then apply the conditioner.

· Leather bags are also prone to deformation – stuff them with paper or bubble wrap when you are not using them to retain their shape.

· Avoid over-stuffing your leather handbag. This can cause the bag and its handles to overstretch, breaking its stitching and damaging it permanently.

· Carrying your beauty products in your leather bag helps keep your skin fresh, but a spill or stain from them will cause the bag to discolour and will damage its quality. This can be prevented by carrying your beauty products separately.

· It is as important to care for your leather handbag’s hardware as the handbag itself. Protect the hardware from rusting by avoiding its exposure to water and dirt.

· Before you clean your leather bag, it is as important to ensure your hands are clean as it is to use the right products to clean the bag. Make sure you clean your hands of grease/oil/dirt stains so as to avoid staining the bag more.

· The way you store your leather handbags plays a vital role in their maintaining their good condition. Handbags with sturdy bases should always be stored upright in shelves, and smaller, lightweight bags need to be hung by their handles on hooks or hangers.

· Leather bags are prone to colour transfer, with your denims being their biggest enemy. Avoid getting your bag to rub against your denims by storing/carrying it separately or spray it with a leather protector before using it.

· Do not store a leather bag in its wet condition, as this can cause mildew – a type of fungus to form on it. Also, clean your bag well before storing it.

· Small leather bags have a tendency of losing shape, too, just like the big ones. You can prevent this by wrapping them up in tissue papers and storing them in paper boxes.

· While it is possible to easily treat various stains on your leather bags at home, it is also important to get your bags professionally cleaned once in a while to maintain their overall quality. Leather bags need to professional cleaning once in 2-3 months.

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