Engineer, marketing professional, entrepreneur, avid traveller and a professional ice-cream eater are some of the many roles I play daily.

I'm Preshita Narkar, a qualified IT engineer, with a penchant for all things marketing and digital marketing. In addition to my professional interests, I'm an obsessed dog mom and a self proclaimed professional ice-cream eater!

I love traveling, documenting experiences, all things fashion and style. And while you're reading this, you might as well know that I just can't say no to anything with chocolate in it!

Favorites of  the month

Dalgona Coffee

The coffee that took the internet by storm! It's simple to prepare, tastes delish and is helping many stay productive in quarantine! Tried it yet?

Less is More

Absolutely loving all things minimal with a hint of green in decor. Indoor plants as decor are here to stay, and who's complaining!

Lemon Detox

Lemon water infused with honey to begin your day with can boost immunity & help your skin glow!

Style and Makeup in a Minute

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